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How Much Does Video Editing Cost in Australia?

Here's the short answer:

The cost to have a video edited can vary greatly depending on your location and the experience of the editor. A large production company in Sydney can charge upwards of $200/hour, whereas a film student in a regional area may only charge you $25/hour. When considering your budget, it's important to think about your timeframe, as well as what level of reliability and quality you need.

Here's the long answer:

While the above range we gave you was $25 - $200 per hour, you should realistically expect to pay $100 - $150 AUD per hour for a reliable video production company within Australia (plus 10% GST).

Many companies don't charge an hourly rate for video editing, instead opting for a flat fee that may include a certain number of client revisions. This may be a good option if you need to know the full cost of the project before beginning work, however it is more likely to cost you more than if you were to opt for an hourly rate.

How long does video editing take?

Again, it varies greatly! A one minute video could take a day or a month, depending on its complexity and number of revisions. But generally, most production companies will turnaround a video edit within one to two weeks (even though it only takes them a day or two to edit).

How do I get a video edited fast?

Most video production companies can accommodate a fast turnaround, however will usually charge a 50-100% premium depending on how fast you need it and if they are required to work late.

So why on Earth do you charge $75/hour for 24 hour turnarounds?

I know, shameless promotion here! But at Same Day Edits we created an incredibly efficient editing solution in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. We don't have a physical office space, and all our editors work from home from multiple timezones. This allows us to save a lot of money on overheads, and edit videos 24/7 as our editors are spread across the world. We pass this cost saving on to you so that we could grow rapidly and provide a service that would make people smile.

Got any other questions?

Feel free to shoot an email through to or call us on 1800 865 200. Even if it's just a random question or you need advice, we will answer your questions free of charge! And if you ever need a video edited fast in the future, we'll be here!

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